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What if we built a place – an online community – where a mutual desire to create a better world is what connects us? Where our words and actions ripple outward?

Hello and Welcome to KarmaKaia

My name is Rich and I’m just a guy. Well, that’s not quite right. I’m just a guy who wants to help make the world a little better.

Like so many others, I’ve found myself spending far more time surfing social media than I care to admit. It seemed like the vast majority of posts (other than the cute kids or pets), however, were memes and complaints from people about all the things wrong with the world: Politicians, animal cruelty, poverty, environmental degradation, etc…

Don’t get me wrong, we all complain. Complaining is normal. It can be cathartic…but it doesn’t actually do anything to address the underlying problems that we’re complaining about. We read a friend’s complaint. We “like” our friend’s complaint. We get worked up over the complaint and post our own complaint. Move on to the next post/meme. Rinse. Repeat.

What if we could harness the energy that we already spend posting to make a difference? What if we posted stories of people who were making our world better (even in a small way)? What if we read more stories of people buying coffee for the person behind them in line starting a “pay-it-forward” chain, or about people turning vacant lots into urban gardens, or the 8 year old girl who started a charity to provide food and shelter to the homeless population in her country?

That would be a start…but who would see our posts? Just our friends?

What if we broke down the walls of the silo that is our circle of friends on our favorite social media sites and posted those stories in a common place where everyone can see them? A place where a young lady finds inspiration to gather her friends to clean up the park down the street or perhaps someone else thinks “hey if a 4 year old can start a lemonade stand that has evolved to raise over $150 million towards research to cure cancer, perhaps I can organize a local coat drive for those in need right in my town”.  A place where people with a common interest in making the world around them a little bit better can discuss ways to do just that, a place where they can collaborate and turn those discussions into action.

KarmaKaia was built to be that place. So, look around you. Look for those who make your corner of the world better and tell us about them. Tell us…so that maybe, just maybe, their actions will inspire others to do the same…actions rippling outward…

Everyone has a voice. We can choose to use it to complain or to inspire.

How will you use yours?

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