Dhruv Boruah is founder of The Thames Project.  He started by focusing on cleaning up the Thames and to raise awareness of plastic pollution – but the project has spread to other communities across the globe.

I find efforts like this to be inspirational.  No, he isn’t going to solve the plastic pollution picking up one cup at a time…but he is raising awareness in an innovative way (and getting exercise while doing it).

Perhaps his efforts will lead to 1 less business using Styrofoam cups because they see him pulling them out of the river.  Perhaps he will have a greater impact on the problem.

When I see people coming up with innovative ideas to problems (whether providing solutions or raising awareness) I start thinking…how does this translate to my community?  Is there something that I can take from his efforts and apply them where I live?


You can find Druhv’s TED talk here:



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