Frequently Asked Questions

KarmaKaia is an online community for people who want to make the world better.

We strive to be the place where people connect, share stories and experiences, and inspire others toward actions that make the world better.

Q: What is KarmaKaia?

A:  KarmaKaia is an online community for people with a common interest in improve the world around them.   Our mission is to share, inspire and empower people’s ideas to make the world better.

Q: How is KarmaKaia making the world better?

A: In two words: directly and indirectly.  We believe there are a lot of good people in the world ready to make a difference.  Often, all they need is a spark to light the fire of action. It is our goal to provide the place where they might find that spark and an opportunity to collaborate.  More directly, revenues generated from this site will directly fund hands-on projects that focus on improving the quality of lives and the planet on which they are lived.

Q: What is a Patron?

A: Patrons are folks who have decided they like our mission, feel we provide value and want to support us financially.  In our humble opinion, our Patrons are simply the best.  If you’d like to support our efforts, you can become a Patron here.

Q: What is the Patron Wall?

A:  The Patron Wall is a place for our Patrons and supporters to express themselves and for us to give them the recognition we feel they deserve.  Some Patrons use it as an opportunity to make a statement about the causes or issues they support and others might use it to make a statement…it’s really up to them.

If you would like to support us and let us know the issues that are important to you, click here.

Q: What will the money raised be used for?

A:  Ultimately we are a business and a portion of the money will be used to operate this site and build value for the community.  We pledge to use the ‘net profits’ to fund hands-on projects that improve lives and the planet on which they are lived.  That may include gifting funds to support the efforts of already established charitable organizations, providing funds to turn innovative solutions to problems into reality (perhaps a new way to inexpensively provide clean potable water to remote impoverished areas for example) or to directly fund beneficial projects we choose to tackle on our own.  Keep an eye out for updates on future projects.

Q: Do I get a tax deduction?

A: While KarmaKaia is a purpose-driven philanthropic organization, we are not currently registered as a not-for-profit with the IRS.

Q: How can I help?

A: Help comes in many forms and we are always open to ideas (contact us).  You can help simply by spreading the word about KarmaKaia, or, if you have time and/or great ideas, you can help by joining our Facebook group (open to Patrons) and providing your valuable input on the projects we’ll be tackling.   Of course we always appreciate financial support. Become a Patron here!

Q: Describe KarmaKaia’s stance on sustainability

A: Sustainability is of paramount importance to KarmaKaia.  We believe it is important that our impact on the environment in which we live should be considered when making decisions and taking action.  Our office is powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources.  Whenever possible the swag we offer or rewards we give will be sustainably sourced.  That includes our t-shirts made from 100% organic cotton or a blend of cotton and recycled fibers to reduce pesticide and water use.

Q: I am a Patron.  How do I make billing changes to my account?

A: Please send us an email if you want to upgrade, cancel or otherwise make changes to your billing account at contactus[at]  We’re happy to help!

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