Sometimes I get in a rut and it’s difficult to break out and get up the energy to take action.  To care enough to put one foot in front of the other to do new and different things – to try and make the world around me better through my own actions.  The intention is there…but sometimes the will power might not be.  When those moments strike, I seek out motivation.

Every now and then, when I do, I run across this video.  It’s a commencement speech given by Dr. Rick Rigsby to the California State University Maritime Academy and invariably, after I watch it, I feel like I can run through walls.

His father told him “I won’t have a problem if you aim high and miss…but I’ll have a problem if you aim low and hit.”  That resonates.

So when you are feeling low or maybe just need a kick in the pants, remember that it is ‘never wrong to do the right thing’…’how you do anything is how you do everything’…’you are what you repeatedly do and therefore excellence ought to be a habit, not an act’.  Go make an impact.



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